Why Highline Residences Price More Affordable and Irresistible compare to Older Condo?

Highline Residences price is the unique selling point of this housing project. Highline Residences is a condo styled building which is being made right according to the modern patterns and architecture. It has 500 unit types in total which is divided among the different towers, floor levels and apartments.

Kim Tian road is a very obvious part of an elite locality, which has many famous residences around it. The condominium is positioned in the middle of Kim Tian and Kim Pong road, which is a plus point for its residents. Everything is just a stroll or few minutes of drive away from the Highline Residences.

Highline Residences price psf

Highline Residences Price

The prices at Highline Residences are the most affordable and irresistible. It offers a lot of perks to its customers, which are totally free of cost. Everything comes free with the apartment, no matter which type of apartment you have bought. Highline Residences is one of the most luxurious housing project in the district, which not only offer a variety of apartments but also a variety of facilities. The facilities offered are divided among the floor levels of the building. There is a butterfly garden, swing garden, dream catcher hammock, reflexology walk, fitness pavilion, barbeque pavilion, aqua spring, water cascade, art lounge and much more.

Unlike, some of the other residences, Highline Residences is crystal clear with its customers. We at Highline Residences try to provide our customers with the best deals, together with the comfort, luxury and their satisfaction. The average Highline Residences price range from S$ 1,626 to S$ 2,149 per feet square. Today’s average price is 19.5 percent less than the historical high price range of S$2,261 per square feet for a 506 square feet unit, back in June 2016. This fact makes it clear that the Highline Residences Tiong Bahru always take care of their customer, which is why the recent average price range is very low from the earlier ones.

How the prices of Highline Residences are made affordable?

Highline Residences, Singapore is a project by Keppel Land (Harvestland Development), which is one of the best and most famous development companies in Singapore. The team of Keppel Land tries to minimize the total project’s cost in an efficient way, that too without compromising on the quality of the products being used. The cost is minimized with the help of using allocated resources in an efficient way.

The team tries to be very productive, so that there is no need of hiring any extra workers for the completion of the project right on the time. Each member of the team is fully skilled and motivated, which totally finishes the need of hiring any extra worker at all.

Moreover, they try to buy products in bulk, which cost them a little less than the original cost of the same products, if bought separately. Instead of keep this benefit to themselves, we at Highline Residences try to forward this to our customers in the form of charging less Highline Residences price for our apartments.

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