Principal Garden Singapore offers Unparalleled Recreational Facilities

Under the supervision of UOL developer Principal Garden Singapore is a large project that offers immense recreational facilities. We give you a home which is with perfect design, luxurious and in the middle of all the facilities you can imagine. You can enjoy your life away from the boring routine in a safe and healthy environment for your family. Not only is it surrounded by lush green area but also has the most exciting activities. Many of such amazing recreational facilities are these.

Principal Garden Singapore

Club House

You can have great chats with your colleagues and friends in this clubhouse. It is a peaceful place with adds up feature of providing you large number of facilities.

Principal Garden Singapore Majestic Indoor Gym

For your workout and health there is also an indoor gym. Principal Garden Singapore majestic indoor gym is equipped with all the latest equipment to facilitate you. We provide you with an excellent trainer for help in your exercise routine. Relax and forget all the worries by joining this first-rate gym.


There are large playgrounds for your children with all the latest and exclusive rides to provide them with all they need. They can not only have great rides but also a complete sense of security. All the arrangements are made keeping in mind the requirements of children.

Yoga Room

To keep you healthy and for giving you a peaceful environment for yoga and meditation there is a yoga club. It is calm and you will not be disturbed by anyone. You can relax properly and learn lots of new things from trained instructors. Aerobic classes are also held regularly to teach you with new techniques and making you more proficient in this art.

Piano Room

For music lovers, there is a Piano room. You can practice piano and lighten up your mood by the power of music. If you want to learn to play piano there is also a coach available who will teach you how to play melodious symphonies on the piano.

Reading Room

If you love books and want a calm and quiet place to read your choice of the book then we give you a completely peaceful surrounding. There is also a great collection of amazing books present in there for you. You can choose books according to your taste and read them.

Malls and Shopping centers near Principal Garden Singapore

To have fun with your family and for shopping, you can visit numerous points near Principal Garden Singapore. There is Great World City, Valley Point and Tiong Bahru Plaza just near the residential development. You can visit these remarkable places with your family to have pleasure. They will provide you wonderful dining experiences as well as great shopping facilities.

All these recreational facilities are present at Principal Garden. Not only are these but many other amenities waiting for you in this one of a kind residential unit. These facilities will turn your life into heaven. So have your own house at this magnificent property located in the middle of Singapore with supreme charm. Reference Principal Garden project details for more information

Why Highline Residences Price More Affordable and Irresistible compare to Older Condo?

Highline Residences price is the unique selling point of this housing project. Highline Residences is a condo styled building which is being made right according to the modern patterns and architecture. It has 500 unit types in total which is divided among the different towers, floor levels and apartments.

Kim Tian road is a very obvious part of an elite locality, which has many famous residences around it. The condominium is positioned in the middle of Kim Tian and Kim Pong road, which is a plus point for its residents. Everything is just a stroll or few minutes of drive away from the Highline Residences.

Highline Residences price psf

Highline Residences Price

The prices at Highline Residences are the most affordable and irresistible. It offers a lot of perks to its customers, which are totally free of cost. Everything comes free with the apartment, no matter which type of apartment you have bought. Highline Residences is one of the most luxurious housing project in the district, which not only offer a variety of apartments but also a variety of facilities. The facilities offered are divided among the floor levels of the building. There is a butterfly garden, swing garden, dream catcher hammock, reflexology walk, fitness pavilion, barbeque pavilion, aqua spring, water cascade, art lounge and much more.

Unlike, some of the other residences, Highline Residences is crystal clear with its customers. We at Highline Residences try to provide our customers with the best deals, together with the comfort, luxury and their satisfaction. The average Highline Residences price range from S$ 1,626 to S$ 2,149 per feet square. Today’s average price is 19.5 percent less than the historical high price range of S$2,261 per square feet for a 506 square feet unit, back in June 2016. This fact makes it clear that the Highline Residences Tiong Bahru always take care of their customer, which is why the recent average price range is very low from the earlier ones.

How the prices of Highline Residences are made affordable?

Highline Residences, Singapore is a project by Keppel Land (Harvestland Development), which is one of the best and most famous development companies in Singapore. The team of Keppel Land tries to minimize the total project’s cost in an efficient way, that too without compromising on the quality of the products being used. The cost is minimized with the help of using allocated resources in an efficient way.

The team tries to be very productive, so that there is no need of hiring any extra workers for the completion of the project right on the time. Each member of the team is fully skilled and motivated, which totally finishes the need of hiring any extra worker at all.

Moreover, they try to buy products in bulk, which cost them a little less than the original cost of the same products, if bought separately. Instead of keep this benefit to themselves, we at Highline Residences try to forward this to our customers in the form of charging less Highline Residences price for our apartments.

Grab Your Premium Property in Queens Peak Queenstown

Queens Peak is one of the latest projects by MCC Land. It is a beautiful site and has its showflat on display on the exact location. Queens Peak Queenstown is located at Dundee Road.

Queenstown MRT is right in front of the development. Queens Peak has a beautiful design. It has the beauty that most people wish for but do not get it usually. There is a lot that the Queens Peak Queenstown has to offer.

Apart from its beauty and incredible design, there are other things that make it one of a kind. The location for instance. The location of Queens Peak is one of the biggest reasons that people love it so much. It has a unique location.

There are several malls and shopping centers. There are some quite famous restaurants nearby too. For people that are food lovers there is no better place than this. There are many hotels that are famous and beautiful. The neighboring societies are very beautiful and well known. There are many other important areas that are very close and can be reached in an instant.

Queens Peak Queenstown


When you are a businessperson, there are many things that you need to consider when it comes to buying a home. The home you have should be near your office. It should be well maintained since people who are usually in business do not have time to look after their house. There are many perks when you live in Queens Peak.

The central part of the city is very close. Since, that is a very busy place regarding business, you can reach there by car or by local transport easily.

Education Near to Queens Peak Queenstown

Education is very important for children. Families that come to Queens Peak find it very convenient to live there with children because the schools and other educational institutes are very close. There are not much far away.

You do not have to worry after sending your children to school. Crescent Girls School is a very famous school. Along with it comes the Gan Eng Seng Primary. There is also National University of Singapore that is very close to this development. And the famous Singapore polytechnic is also very close too.

Other Facilities and Supplies

There are many other important things in life. Things that is essential in daily use. For that you have to go to a grocery store. Queens Peak has many supermarkets close to it. There is the IKEA Alexandra just a few minutes away from the development.

You can buy furniture for your new home and bring it without covering long distances. Queens Peak Queenstown also has many restaurants close to it. There are many famous restaurants. For people that are food loving, it is the perfect place, since they can now never get bored.

Why You Should Invest in Lake Grande Condo

Lake Grande condo is a newly launched condo by MCL Land. MCL Land is one of the most reputable developers that provide quality finishing. Now, they are presenting to you Lake Grande Condo, ready to bestow you with a highly developed piece of land for your residence. It is the residential plan of 710 units comprising 4 housing blocks. It is a 99-years leasehold project on a great piece of land near Jurong Lake and Chinese Garden.

The reasons why you should invest in this beautiful residential unit are numerous. You can have accessibility to all essential necessities of life and can have a luxurious and peaceful surrounding. Some of those vital reasons are given here.

Lake Grande

Excellent Learning opportunities for your children

With the Canadian International School, present on such a short distance of the site, there are great learning opportunities for your children. There are a number of other great educational institutes present in surrounding, including Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS). These admirable institutes having state of the art facilities would help you in the excellent grooming of your children.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment near Lake Grande Condo

Many entertainment facilities have been introduced for families with children by the collaboration of Lake Grande. A number of great malls, parks, restaurants, and boutiques are present to catch the attention of yours. Jurong lake Garden, Giant Supermarket and Jurong East Stadium are present to entertain you. All these beautiful facilities are present on lake view locations, presenting you the flavor of nature as well as the availability of first-rate facilities of life.


Lake Grande project information is present in the most ideal location of the area. You can access all the major spots of locality in a stone throw distance. Moreover, Lakeside MRT Station and Chinese Garden MRT Station are also in close range. Pak Island Express also provide you quick access to any position you want to reach.

Health Care Facilities

The place is nearby many great health care institutes. These hospitals provide you with exceptional health care facilities. As it is the heart of the west region, there are Ng Teng Fong Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital with brilliant health care facilities available.

In addition to all these amazing facilities of living a great life, Lake Grande facilitates you with many other unexpected and extraordinary amenities. The amenities make you feel like you live in heaven, with such a peaceful life and luxurious facilities.

At Lake Grande, Jurong Lake Garden provides you with many exciting watersports activities, such as kayaking, dragon boating, and other recreational activities for your friends and family. A competent and leading residential developer is making efforts to make a first-rate living place that matches your living standards on premium values. So, what are you waiting for? Make a move, and grab a hold of this excellent opportunity to avail what you want.

Get ready to Impress by Clement Canopy Showroom

Clement Canopy is one of the best projects that have been developed in Singapore. And that is not because of just one reason. It has several reasons. The project is based on a land that is precious because of its ideal location. There are several facilities near the residence and there are many important places that can be reached within a matter of minutes. All sorts of information about Clement Canopy is available in the Clement Canopy Showroom.

The site has a beautiful design. It is one of the most beautiful projects that have been made. The floorplan is also incredible. There are several units in the establishment. And with all that, the pricing is very low as compared to the others. Clement Canopy Price is lower than the other estates which makes all the buyers turn their eyes towards it.

Another reason why it is such an amazing project is because it is developed by one of the best developers. Both of the developers , UOL and Singapore Land, that are constructing Clement Canopy are the top developers of Singapore. This makes you even comfortable, because now you know that the people that are behind it are experts and are the best people for the job.

Clement Canopy Showroom

You can visit the showroom and get notified by all the info of Clement Canopy if you are interested. But you would have to book an appointment to visit the show flat. There are too many people that are interested in Clement Canopy so it is convenient for them to manage if you request to visit through an appointment

The clement canopy floor plan is very beautiful. The people who have seen it, say that it is one of the best floor plans that they have seen. It is a floor plan that makes the apartments give out the most to the people. It has a very unique design. The design clearly depicts that they people that have made it are experts.

You can visit the showroom to get all the information about Clement canopy, but you cannot visit without an appointment. An appointment is very important in order for you to visit the Clement Canopy Showroom.

The Clement Canopy showroom

Pricing of Clement Canopy

The pricing is very reasonable too. There are different housing estates that are residing people of different interests. There are people that are there for educational purposes, some are there for business purposes and people of many other purposes reside there, but the location is not that impressive and things get inconvenient for people that are living there. At one hand there is no facility at all, and on the other hand the authorities are charging a lot. This makes things even more difficult.

Clement Canopy does not have the same case. As described before, clement canopy has the perfect location, it has many facilities near it. It allows people to be free and they feel no problem at all, living there. It provides the people with all these facilities and yet charges lesser than the other estates.

Visit Alex Residences Showflat to Get Best Choice Unit

Alex Residences showflat is a condo development, which is, located at 28 Alexandra View, within walking distance to Redhill MRT Station, Singapore. It is launched by Singland Property Group, consists of a 40 storey building with 429 apartments with an amazing infrastructure.

Alex Residences showflat


It is amidst the commotion of living in city and one does not feel deprived of facilities and crowd nearby. It is established in the residential area and only 10 minutes away from the Orchard Road, Southern Waterfront and Central Business District where VivoCity and Sentosa are located and Marina Bay. Its location near the MRT Station will prove to be very convenient to the future residents as they can travel to anywhere in Singapore through the MRT train systems. Additionally, it will be joined to other roads and one can easily fulfill daily necessities by the nearby.


Alex Residences condo not only convenient to the residents but also provides exceptional investment opportunities to the investors. It shows class, magnificence and successful growth. All one can think of about an apartment to live in, Alex Residences showflat is the impeccable option to conform them. The huge condo tower provides all the necessities and the luxurious facilities one seeks in an apartment. According to one’s needs accommodation could be provided from an array of single bedroom flats to the penthouses. Such investments would prove to be very beneficial to the investors.

Why Choose Alex Residences Showflat?

A couple of reasons which are very crucial to be considered when choosing an apartment to live in are that:

  • The apartment is nearby MRT station and provides easy travelling within Singapore
  • Well linked to the expressways and the major arterial roads
  • Nearby facilities of outing in recreational places and dining amenities
  • Situated in a secured area with a well-developed neighborhood
  • Availability of a new retail and entertainment hub – the Star Vista located near the Buona Vista
  • Excellent public transport connection and an extensive range of businesses
  • Further ample rental potential from NUH, NUS, Biopolis etc.
  • Driving away from the Southern Waterfront, Marina Bay, Orchard Road and the Central Business District for 10 minutes you can reach the residences.

How to Avail the opportunity?

Alex Residences Showflat is a great opportunity to avail to live in Singapore. Such facilities and luxurious lifestyle is easily available by making an appointment and contacting the agency to book an apartment. It is convenient to visit and set the deal.

For that one must travel towards the Alexandra View, if travelling by public transport and drive along the Alexandra Road from City towards IKEA’s direction and turn along the Tanglin School (APSN) to the Alexandra View, by the private transport.

Occasionally, Alex Residences Showflat would be closed for the purpose of maintenance or some event; therefore one must take an appointment first to avoid any misfortune of unavailability at the moment.


Alex Residences is a grandeur choice to make for one’s apartment. Provided with ample facilities according to the demand of the residents and the luxurious environment is all one can dream of living in.

While Shopping in Singapore, Bargain is a must

Singapore is Asia’s most sophisticated yet annually-round shopping paradise, the optimum time to go to is during its annual eight-week Great Singapore Purchase when all sorts of discounts and deals appear island-wide from late May through This summer.


The mid-year Great Singapore Purchase is really a much looked-toward time when prices come lower greatly in most areas. An over-all guideline for bargaining would be to begin about 25% -30% below that on offer. Do try to check prices at various shops. For convenience, most stores accept credit and bank cards. Additionally to that particular, you will find stretches of world-class departmental stores, centers and outlets in Singapore that provide you several shopping choices. You simply need to go for a walk lower Singapore’s legendary shopping districts to discover what’s available for you personally. One thing’s without a doubt, when you’re shopping in Singapore, you will not be departing empty-handed, however with bags lots of great bargains and gifts.


For that latest popular trends, take a look at Orchard Road that is Singapore’s primary shopping district. But when you’re searching for additional cultural shopping, then your districts of Kampong Glam, Little India, and Chinatown are best. Here, you’ll find a variety of ethnic products, jewelry, textiles, antiques and much more.


Orchard Road


Full of exciting malls and hotels Orchard Road is essential-visit-place in your tour schedule. Walking is most likely the best way to understand more about Orchard Road. If you’re able to stand heat and mid-day downpours simply to bag that bargain, consider your true Singapore shopping icon. This street is changed into a stunning display of lights and festive embellishments at the holiday season when all structures participate in the annual festive light-up.


Little India


While you’re shopping in Singapore, you have to begin to see the Little India that is Singapore’s foremost Indian enclave. Its charm is based on the truth that a lot of olden-day trades can nonetheless be discovered by its roadsides and back lanes. Your senses is going to be delighted through the thrilling mixture of colours, sounds and interesting scents of retailers teeming with spices, wealthy sari fabrics, flower garlands, jewellery, brassware, silverware, traditional snacks and much more. Here you may even place a parakeet fortune telling service across the shop fronts. No visit to Little India is finished with no all-night shopping spree in the 24-hour emporium, Mustafa Center.


China Town


Chinatown is a superb starting point. Here, you’ll enjoy a mixture of heritage, shopping in addition to a good number of food options, which are certain to leave a traveler happy and satisfied in the finish during the day. The optimum time to go to Chinatown is throughout the Lunar Year, usually in the month of January or Feb. The center of Chinatown is really a lively, colorful mixture of new and old, from family-run goldsmiths and medicine halls, to textile stores and dim sum restaurants. The Tanjong Pagar district of Chinatown is a superb spot to find kite makers, colored masks, lacquer ware, and many types of Asian handicrafts.


I’m sure Health Fitness Articles, the following factor you will need to do is book your tickets for the following vacation you have and fly lower look around the different venues for shopping in Singapore!